Metaenterprices specializes in Zinc recovery and up-cycling for manufacturing zinc based materials such as zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, animal feed, micronutrients and many more.


We source our products from reliable galvanisers with years of experience in the industry. Our suppliers use the latest technology in hot-dip Galvanising which results in good coating quality and creates residues with far lesser impurities read more ..


With over a decade’s experience in the zinc industry, Metaenterprices has committed itself to satisfying our customers’ needs which range from secure packing, to logistics and tracking of goods.
We operate a system of read more …

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Promoting global Zinc trading and technologies.

Metaenterprices specialises in sourcing reliable Zinc ores and residues for Global trading and recycling.

A global distributor of zinc by-products such as Ash, Dross and Zinc Ingots and other zinc derivatives, our products are industrially certified and we strive to source and deliver reliable materials with minimal impurities for effective application.


    As a certified ISO company. we pride ourselves in making sure that the environment comes first.


    A member of the GALVANIZERS ASSOCIATION For trustworthy transparent galvanising services.


    We source Our Zinc from reliable galvanisers around the world, with dedicated zinc baths of lesser levels of impurities.


What others say about us

Metaenterprices has been an enthusiastic and highly supportive member of UK Galvanisers Association since 2009. During that time it has made useful contributions to the Association’s technical meetings and has helped sponsor the Annual General Meeting.  Metaenterprices has also collaborated with a number of members on individual, technical projects.